Pastors Aaron and Sandy Hunter were voted on by our church December of 2009 to be the senior pastors of First Grace Church of Glenpool (by an unheard of 100% congregational vote). They had previously been Associate pastors and youth ministers for the same church and had expanded the youth program from 3 to over 150 youth at one point in their ministry. Having growth, vision and reaching out to the community as a main focus of their ministry fit perfectly with the vision the board and the congregation had for First Grace Church.

Oxygen Youth, the main focus of their ministry when first called to the ministry, became a haven for many children in Liberty and Glenpool and the surrounding areas to have a safe place to learn about God, eat good food and develop social groups that involve God, not drugs, as a source for socializing. The church had many growing pains with our youth programs which at one point outgrew the congregation nearly 75%. The youth and children's program (extreme kids and Oxygen Youth) both are growing and expanding to accommodate new members as the church grows. The vision has never changed and the youth subscribe to the same outreach vision that the church has established, and have even done some of their own outreach programs on their own.

From 2009 the vision of the church has only grown and developed as outreach and worship have expanded our membership, our leadership, and our mission. The ministry and outreach program, along direct instruction from God (in several leader's dreams), overhauled the church and changed the name to "Extreme Worship and Outreach Center," an extreme church driven by an extreme love", which better fit and describes what our church is about. You will "feel" the love the minute you walk through our doors. We DO what Christ said and that is to LOVE our God with all our hearts and to LOVE our neighbors, so be prepared...we like to shake hands and hug and to really know how you are doing!

Finally, the out-reach part of our name was revamped by launching our Mercy Missions II, a program designed to reach the hurting, love the lost, and expand our ministry to be in the community, outside the four walls of our building. Aaron and Sandy drive this mission as they have a heart filled with love for the lost, down and out, and the hurting. God has blessed them both with an unexplainable, extreme love for ALL people.